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17th January 2011


Is it now? Why not now?

I have been told recently that I should have a girlfriend. I have also, just recently, been asked if I have found a girlfriend by more than one person, and twice by one within a two week’s time. So, if I am suppose to have a girlfriend then why hasn’t it happened yet?

Now, it’s easy to say, as many of them have, that I shouldn’t rush things. That I should take my time and I will find her. Well, that’s not the question. That’s an answer to a totally different question, though it pertains to the same subject. But, if I am “suppose” to have a girlfriend, then why don’t I?

I’m sure many of us go through this and asked the same question or told the same words that tell us what we should have (and don’t) which, in turn, could make you feel like you’ve somehow lowered in the scale of society. However, my thoughts on the matter have turned into an answer after much thought.

The ones that care for us, whom are the ones mentioning the matter and/or asking if we are still alone, tend to see things in us that, quite possibly, others do not. Why? Simply for the fact that they have given us the chance, the same chance we gave them, to get to know our real selves. They see and know the things about us that make us a good match for that special someone.

Now, the next step (which allows for another question) is to get the “other person(s)” to notice. But (and the question follows…) how would you go about doing that? How do you get the other to give you the chance to get to know you better? How? Well, I think <u>that’s</u> where time comes into play. If you’ve found the one you’d like to give the chance to and would like the gift in return, just give a greeting and introduce yourself. Once you’ve established the introduction, if you see them often, don’t be afraid to have a little small talk to feel the water. If everything goes right, and they return the gesture…you’ll then realize that time has already begun.