There are things we don't know and things we don't see, but did you know that there are lives going on in this world besides your own?

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24th February 2011


Such a beautiful day…

Man, it’s such a beautiful day. Such a beautiful day that a couple of things came to my mind. I just felt I had to share them as.

- When I fall, I tend to fall hard.
If I fall hard, then I pray she catches me.
For if she catches me, then she is the one.
She will then fall for me, as much as I have for her.
When she falls, I’ll be there to catch her as she caught me.

- It’s not what you have…It’s what you do with what you have that makes you who you are.

Those just came to me and I will elaborate on them a little more, individually, once I’m given the time. ‘Til then, they are seeds planted.